Released March 2005. An all-star cast of players join Creosote on their debut album Blacksmoke. Members of Calexico, Greyhound Soul, Luca and more make noteworthy additions to this release.

"The straight-forward, gritty Americana of Tucson's Creosote is all of boozy, bitter and sweet. Featuring the rough-hewn vocals of songwriter Jason Steed, Blacksmoke plays out like a collection of inebriated conversations between a broken man and whoever might be listening. In the spirit of bands like the Drive-By Truckers, Slobberbone and Uncle Tupelo, Creosote's underlying rock-driven honky-tonk and folk sound evokes broken tales of the southwest where the guitars are as sunbaked as the singer." - Miles Of Music

Track list:

    1. It's Over Now
    2. My Memory
    3. I Made A Wish Upon A Satellite
    4. Wichita Savior
    5. Texas Stars
    6 The Ballad Of Whiskey & Tears
    7. Time The Lights
    8. Hardly Can Remember
    9. 85
    10. Jericho
    11. Black And Blue
    12. Trouble

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